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Your ultimate destination for home and commercial lighting, switches, and accessories. Our products meet all your electrical accessory and lighting requirements, ensuring your spaces are brilliantly illuminated and perfectly equipped.

Illuminate Your World with Bywyyd Lighting

Welcome to Bywyyd Lighting, where innovation meets illumination. Discover a world of exquisite lighting solutions designed to elevate your spaces with style and sophistication

Transform Your Space with Brilliant Commercial Lighting Solutions

Elevate Your Workspace with Our Innovative and Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution

Effortless Control and Style: Explore Our Range of Switches and Accessories

Enhance Your Space with Our Sleek and Functional Switches and Accessories

Concealed Lights

Concealed lights from Bywyyd Industries offer seamless integration and stunning illumination, blending functionality with elegance.

Bywyyd Industries' Panel Lights

Bywyyd Industries' panel lights provide uniform and glare-free illumination, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.

High Wattage Lights

Bywyyd Industries' high wattage lights deliver exceptional brightness and efficiency, illuminating spaces with unparalleled intensity and clarity.

Luma Series

Experience the future of switches and accessories with Bywyyd Industries' Luma series, where innovative design meets superior performance for a truly illuminating experience.

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